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June 25, 2016: Almost There

by Joe Mulligan on June 27, 2016 Comments Off on June 25, 2016: Almost There

The last 24 hours of RAAM are in full effect. Fatigue is rampant through the crew and riders.

Marshall is now 200 miles from the finish. He is in territory he has never seen before. His last two attempts are fresh in his mind as he pushes to the finish.

Marshall’s cause and reasons are fighting the pain inside his head as he moves toward the finish one pedal stroke at a time. He is within hours of his official finishing time and there is some speculation as to whether he will make it.

The crew is doing everything they can to get him there, feeding, medicating, caring for all of his needs.

If he doesn’t push, he isn’t going to make it.

Please help Marshall, he did this for a cause much greater than himself. It is 3000 Miles to a Cure fighting alongside him as he conquers RAAM and seeks to conquer brain cancer. Every mile he pedals, is another small victory. Pledge just a small amount for every mile he finishes. Help get him to Annapolis and our goal of 20,000 dollars. Every dollar counts, donate BC_RAAM_2016_06_24_MorningIndiana-14today.

Joe MulliganJune 25, 2016: Almost There