Marshall’s official finish time is 12 days 13 hours and 52 seconds. Every penny this incredible community has raised through his effort will fund brain cancer research. The third time really is the charm. Thank you Marshall and crew!


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Begins June 14, 2016 in Oceanside, CA

Marshall Reeves is no stranger to Solo Race Across America. He’s attempted it twice, but hasn’t made it to the finish line in Annapolis yet. We think this is the year! We love Marshall’s message of getting back in the ring for a third round with RAAM. It is so inspiring – it captures that spirit of intrepid perseverance that those researching for a cure and fighting to beat brain cancer have to have. Here’s what Marshall has to say:

“RAAM is about the dumbest thing to ever try, let alone three times. In a lot of ways, it relates directly to our fight against cancer. It’s never easy, often frustrating, but the only way to really fail is to give up. So in RAAM, as in the cancer fight, we haven’t failed, we just haven’t won yet!

It’s time to take a stand. Cancer can be beaten. It just takes research, and research takes money. If suffering through a long week of RAAM can generate money to research a cure for a lifetime, then it’s really a small price to pay!”

-Marshall Reeves

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