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Rob’s RAAM Day 4

by Will Parker on June 20, 2015 Comments Off on Rob’s RAAM Day 4

Today brought a big milestone in Rob White’s 2015 RAAM attempt: his passage through Time Station 15 in Durango, Colorado, and into what is for him uncharted territory. Durango marks the finish line for the Race Across the West (RAW) which Rob completed in 2013. So from mid-morning today forward, Rob has been continually setting his own personal record for race distance.

Rob taking a break in Durango.

Rob taking a break in Durango.

Before reaching this milestone, Rob had a rough morning. The night crew said he felt disappointed by his performance thus far. So we spent much of the morning trying to cheer him up with words of encouragement from the online community of friends and brain cancer research stakeholders. It seemed to work, at least a little: he was in fine humorous form while taking a break at the RAW finish in Durango.

The rest of the day brought more challenges including a long climb up Wolf Creek pass (the highest point on the RAAM course).

Rob climbs Wolf Creek Pass alongside Crew Chief Bryan.

Rob climbs Wolf Creek Pass alongside Crew Chief Bryan.

He faced it in good spirits, though–with the help of his crew, which cheered him on the whole way. Tonight, Rob makes his way through the high plains of southern Colorado and will face the lesser-known, but at least as difficult for RAAM riders, ascent of the Rockies: Cuchara Pass.

After that, it’s the long plains of Colorado and Kansas. You can stay tuned and support Rob’s quest to fund brain cancer at

Will ParkerRob’s RAAM Day 4

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