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June 17, 2016: Commitment

by Joe Mulligan on June 17, 2016 Comments Off on June 17, 2016: Commitment

Marshall needs to reach Durango Colorado by 6 AM Eastern Time tomorrow.  In order to do that, he must bike another 150 miles of climbs, dusty roads, and relentless traffic.


We drove through Monument Valley to catch up with Marshall’s crew and see what they thought about the trek ahead. Upon arriving, we were greeted with tired excitement.

“How was last night?” was the question on the media team’s lips as Adam’s long wavy blonde hair emerged from the door of the RV.

Marshall has kept to his schedule, perfectly. Making sure he rides at the right speed, sleeps at the right times and saves his energy for the harder, second half of RAAM.


“He slept last night when he was supposed to, about three and a half hours” Jacob exclaimed, who had just arrived in the follow vehicle.

“So he is right on schedule?” Maria asked. “Right on schedule, he knows the average speed he needs to get to Durango, and he knows the speed he has been averaging so far,” Jacob replied.

“I feel privileged that, if I want to do something then I get my mind behind it and do it… I know if I say it I will do it.” Marshall Reeves


He has strategized and executed… the question is how will it pay off in the second half?

Stay strong Marshall

Joe Mulligan

Rob and Marshall are racing to cure brain cancer. Help us by donating here. Every single penny goes to research. Thank you.

Joe MulliganJune 17, 2016: Commitment