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One Month To Go!

by Marshall Reeves on May 15, 2016 Comments Off on One Month To Go!

Well, RAAM is fast approaching. Less than one month to go. Last time I talked about the race in general. This time I want to touch on what is needed for the race. The following is a list of what we will have for our two week odyssey.

3 vehicles. A dedicated follow car, a shuttle car, and an RV.

Bikes! After trying several models, decided to go with the Eddy Merckx Mouranx 69. This bike combines the best characteristics for this event. Comfortable, stable, and fast. One primary, and one spare. Extra wheel sets, and enough spare parts to practically build a third bike.

Accessories: saddles – Serfas Rx, and an Infinity. Alternate to reduce the chance of saddle sores. Lights – Serfas again. Front and rear. Shoes – Northwave, and Serfas. Pedals – Speedplay. Bibs – Endura. Tires – Vittoria endurance. Flats are always a problem.

Food and drink: Anything I can think of! Mostly liquid. Try to replace about 12000 calories per day. Plenty of Ensure shakes. Carbo Pro and Gu for carbohydrates. Endurolyte and EmergenC for electrolytes.

Finally, and most importantly, CREW! Right now, it looks like a crew of 6 (we have room for a couple more if your’e in the mood for the adventure of a lifetime). A crew of six allows for two people per vehicle. Fatigue is the greatest obstacle for the rider, as well as the crew. Sleep will be at a premium. Next time, I will introduce the crew.

Finally, a great cause: “3000 Miles to a Cure”. Please consider a donation towards their effort to cure brain cancer ( If you donate, and pass this along to 5 of your friends, something nice is bound to happen for you!😊


Marshall ReevesOne Month To Go!