2015 Race Across America Media Internship

You’ll be a part of the 3000 Miles to a Cure crew as we document the epic Race Across America - a non-stop, 3000 mile bicycle race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. Join a 3-person team of talented storytellers capturing and sharing the powerful story of a solo cyclist taking on the challenge to cure brain cancer.


  • Road trip from California to Maryland

  • Food and lodging paid

  • Intensive portfolio building opportunity

  • Platform for meaningful distribution of work

  • Networking with a group of passionate and committed volunteers

  • Opportunity to take on resume-building leadership experience

  • Start-up experience with a young nonprofit

  • Opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to people with brain cancer and their families

  • 3000 Miles to a Cure swag


  • You’ll use your video storytelling, photojournalism, or editing talent to capture and share the race as it happens

  • You’ll be capturing footage on the ground from California to Maryland and editing on-the-go

  • You’ll follow the racer through the tough weather and terrain, up mountains, across rivers, and through 12 long nights

  • You’ll work with the racer’s support crew to capture the behind-the-scenes moments of the World’s Toughest Race


  • Availability June 14-June 27, 2015

  • A valid driver’s license (it’s a road trip!)

  • Access to a camera, computer, and professional editing software to use on the road during RAAM

  • Must be 18 years or older


You have a penchant and passion for storytelling.

You see the story in the midst of incredibly exciting, chaotic events. You use creative writing, filming, and editing to bring that story to your audience.

You have a passion for creating positive change.

You want to leave your mark and make a difference. You welcome the opportunity to give back and pay it forward.

You have mad skills behind the lens (or laptop).

You  have experience getting the shot that only happens once. You can put together an impressive visual experience from a back seat. You want to tell the story, and you have the skills to do it.


Race Across America is widely considered one of the the world’s toughest ultra marathon races. Cyclists race around the clock, sleeping as little as 15 minutes at a time, pedaling through desert heat and across two mountain ranges battling exhaustion, terrain and the elements. Solo racers are supported by crew but cannot draft. To put it in perspective, Race Across America is 1,000 miles longer than the Tour de France, has more than 170,000 feet of climbing (50% more than the Tour de France) and despite the fact that it is non-drafting, racers complete it in about half the time allowed for the Tour de France.


3000 Miles to a Cure began in 2012 when our founder Maria Parker’s sister Jenny was diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma multiforme (a deadly form of brain cancer). We leverage ultra endurance athletic events like Race Across America to raise funds for the cure. The challenges and triumphs athletes endure are a powerful metaphor for the battles being waged against brain cancer by those who fight it and for the race to cure it.

In 2013, Maria Parker was the first female finisher of the Race Across America. Her race was called, “the most inspirational RAAM story ever,” by Race Across America officials and her victory was the greatest comeback in the 32-year history of the race. 3000 Miles to a Cure produced the documentary film, Hope, about her race and her sister’s battle against brain cancer. Watch the trailer below.

This June, Rob White will take on Race Across America as 3000 Miles to a Cure’s racer. For the first time in the history of Race Across America, our team will be equipped with Google Glass and integrated with a responsive website to connect racer and stakeholders, creating a powerful cycle of inspiration, encouragement and fund raising.


Email a cover letter, resume, and three work samples to intern@3000milestoacure.com. Be sure to tell us why you’re passionate about 3000 Miles to a Cure!

This is an unpaid internship.

Apply by 4/15/2015

Hope | Race Across America 2013 Documentary Film Trailer

Lucia Parker2015 Race Across America Media Internship