Join BethAnn Telford, Maria Parker and Accelerate Brain Cancer cure as we team up to run from the North Rim to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to raise funds for brain cancer research.

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Join BethAnn Telford, Maria Parker and the team as they run from the North Rim to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to raise funds for brain cancer research. BethAnn and Maria will capture and share the experience of the canyon’s extreme heights and depths and its matchless beauty through Google Glass.



These two women will be supported by thousands along the way through 3000 Miles to a Cure’s Google Glass Ultra Marathon Fundraising app. Stakeholders will include children and adults battling brain cancer and their families and broader communities. The encouragement they share will lift each woman up. Conversely, BethAnn and Maria’s efforts in the Rim-to-Rim will be a powerful conduit for hope to end brain cancer.

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The Rim-to-Rim is a powerful metaphor for the race to end brain cancer. The reality of brain cancer is devastating. It is not just a physical attack on the body, it attacks the very core of who a person is and kills mercilessly.Treatments are few and though potential breakthroughs have been and continue to be made in academia, human clinical trials are underfunded, paralyzing progress in the research valley of death.

We know that funding brain tumor research will change the future for those diagnosed with brain cancer. If money is the problem, it’s a problem that can be solved.

That gives us hope and hope gives us the energy to take action and to reach out and invite others to hope and act with us.

We can’t wait to see the incredible impact BethAnn, Maria and all of you will make together through the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim run.


BethAnn was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005. She felt her first symptoms while running the 2004 Marine Corps Marathon. Since her diagnosis, surgery, and recovery, she has raced marathons and Ironmans despite being mostly blind in her left eye and suffering from seizures from the malignant glioblastoma in her brain. She has raced the Boston Marathon (3 times), the Marine Corps Marathon (12 times), the Lake Placid Ironman (twice) and the Kona Ironman World Championships (once, in 2012). In so doing, she has raised more than $700,000 for brain cancer research.

BethAnn met Maria through Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure after Maria’s historic Race Across America victory in 2013. They share the same passionate, action-focused approach to ending brain cancer.


The canyon’s extreme heights and depths and its matchless beauty offer a compelling backdrop against which to tell an amazing personal story of hope and perseverance against brain cancer that will inspire thousands to stand up and take action with us.


We want to help BethAnn reach $1 million raised for brain cancer research which means we need to raise $250,000. You can help us by donating in support of BethAnn here (100% of your gift funds brain cancer research) or you can join us as a sponsor. If you are interested in sponsorship, check out the sponsorship package by clicking below or reach out to Maria ( or BethAnn ( We’ve got some more exciting announcements coming soon, so stay tuned!

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