Brain Cancer Research Impact 2023: Crossing the Canyon Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

by Maria Parker on February 7, 2024 Comments Off on Brain Cancer Research Impact 2023: Crossing the Canyon Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

This year, 19 people joined us for our Crossing the Canyon Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim effort. The Grand Canyon crossing challenged our muscles and minds with the steep descent into the canyon and seemingly endless ascent out of it. We covered more than 24 miles and 10,000 vertical feet in less than 12 hours. As ever, the rim-to-rim event tested the limits of our physical endurance and mental fortitude, serving as a poignant metaphor for the struggle faced by those fighting brain cancer. We are grateful for the physical stamina and preparation of our participants that allowed us all to make it out of the canyon in daylight this year!

At the heart of Crossing the Canyon lies our mission: to raise funds for brain cancer research. 3000 Miles to a Cure channels all proceeds towards cutting-edge research aimed at finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for brain cancer.

In 2023, our Crossing the Canyon team raised an incredible $80,000. This is only possible through the dedication and generosity of our participants and their supporters. This year the money was donated to the Dana-Farber Cancer Center fueling the ALLELE-GBM research program under the direction of Dr. Keith Ligon. Dana-Farber expressed deep gratitude for our support (you can read the letter here). Gifts like ours are critical in pushing advances in brain cancer research.

Crossing the Canyon also celebrates the stories of the people and families changed by brain cancer. As we share stories of resilience, survival, and loss, this event makes us a family and gives us the courage to continue the fight and advocate for increased support and resources for brain cancer research.

As we celebrate the success of Crossing the Canyon and the impact it has made, we are reminded of the ongoing desperate urgency in the fight against brain cancer. Almost every week, articles cross my desk with novel approaches to studying and treating brain cancer. While strides have been made, there is still a long way to go. With your continued support we will keep up the struggle and continue to bring hope to those fighting and yearning for better treatments for this awful disease.

We are deeply grateful to all of you in our Crossing the Canyon community: the participants and those who support our hikers and crew. Our desire is that Crossing the Canyon will continue to be a symbol of toughness, resolve and compassion as we progress toward more effective treatments for this hateful disease.

By the way, registration is now open for 2024 – join us!

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Maria ParkerBrain Cancer Research Impact 2023: Crossing the Canyon Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim