We Race Across America and run across the Grand Canyon. We do it to change the future for those fighting brain tumors and we want you to join us.

Since October 2012, 3000 Miles to a Cure has ignited what we call a brainstorm. We’re on a mission to end brain cancer by raising funds for research and extending an open invitation to unite in hope and action for the cure. This is your invitation.


To achieve our vision of a future where brain cancer is treatable as quickly as possible, we choose to deliver 100% of individual gifts to brain cancer research. We keep our costs low and ensure that they are covered by grants and by our generous corporate sponsors and Board of Directors.

We leverage ultra endurance athletic events like Race Across America to raise funds for the cure. The challenges and triumphs athletes endure are a powerful metaphor for the battles being waged against brain cancer by those who fight it and for the race to cure it.

In 2014, 3000 Miles to a Cure was selected as a winner of Google’s Giving through Glass initiative. We are working with developers to create a mobile application that will connect athletes and our community during these ultra athletic events. We know there is power to achieve our mission in the shared experience of racers and stakeholders.


We know that with adequate funding, we will see effective treatments for brain cancer brought to market. We seek to inspire many to join us in our mission by connecting to the powerful personal stories of hope and action that unfold around us every day.

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