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Our fundraising philosophy:


We choose to deliver 100% of individual donations to brain cancer research. This 100% promise is made possible through strategic partnerships with entities who support the mission of 3000 Miles to a Cure. These partners deliver in-kind donations and fund specific needs within 3000 Miles to a Cure's operational budget including advertising, administrative costs, event hosting costs and transaction fees. 

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What does your gift fund?


We are investing in Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure’s Precision Medicine Project. Through this project, scientist are mapping the genetic structure of brain tumors so caregivers can customize treatments to a tumor’s profile. For example, a drug effective against melanoma could be applied to a genetically similar brain tumor. This project creates a database of brain tumor profiles and treatment efforts to help us identify effective therapies.

BRAIN CANCER IS DEADLY: It will kill an estimated 13,770 Americans in 2015. Each tumor is different, possessing a unique and volatile genetic code.

GENOME SEQUENCING CAN LEAD TO A CURE: Genome analysis allows scientists to decrypt the genetic structure of brain tumors. 

EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE: Will cover the cost of analyzing 10 genes. Each genome consists of about 20,000 genes. With enough data, we can crack the code.

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